Back In The Saddle

It’s been a very long time and a very long road since I last posted something on this site.

For nearly a decade, from 2003 to around 2014 I published a lengthy blog here on the Twisting Asphalt site that detailed my love of sportbikes, lengthy motorcycle adventures and track days.

It was a creative pursuit that lived outside of my ‘day-job’ and chronicled my passion for two-wheeled culture.

But then a funny thing happened – Life got in the way…

As it does to so many people as they get older. The work/life balance tilted, seminal events happened, and the current in the river of time picked me up and took me for a ride.

On the whole, it’s been an awesome adventure and I’m extremely fortunate for the non-circuitous route.

There is something magical about seeing your dreams come true.

I’ve also learned that as soon as you thinking you have it figured out, you really don’t.

Something marvelous and mysterious always seems to jump in the way when you least expect it and alter your trajectory and perhaps even where you want to go.

I’ve come to believe that if you harness the power of these unintended moments your journey becomes much more enjoyable.

Over the last several years, and certainly during the pandemic, I’ve felt a wellspring of the creativity that once powered this blog reemerge. Like a trusty old two-wheeled machine, my intention with kicking this blog back over again is to reignite the labor of love and off-hour spark that once helped fuel my riding and the adventures that ensued.

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